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   The Tainan 1999 hotline offers citizens a
   convenient multi-purpose consulting window.
   Furthermore,the 1999 hotline is open 24/7, all year round.
   Problems like broken streetlights, illegal parking,
   broken traffic signs, holes on the roads...etc,
   can all be dealt with by calling the 1999 hotline.
   All in all, 1999 hotline offers fast and convenient
   services to all citizens

   How 1999 Works

   - Call us at 1999 or 886-6-6326303,
   from outside Tainan City.

   - 1999 hotline is NOT a prepaid service,
   calling the 1999 hotline
   will be charge 2.88~3.6 dollar per minute.

   - 1999 also has a website version,
   internet phone and 1999 application services,
   all of these are completely free.


   Our Services Includes

   - Consulting Service: any kind questions related to tourism, traffic, major event,

   - Immediate Service: any kind of problems that need to be dealt with in a short
   periods of time. Includes: illegal parking, broken streetlights, noise complain,
   sidewalk issue, road
   construction, traffic issue, environmental issue, pipeline issue and animal care.

   - Other Service: any other problem citizens have.


24-hour Citizen Service Hotline : 1999    86-6-6326303
Yonghua Civic Center 70801 No. 6 Yonghua Road, Sec. 2, Anping District, Tainan City
MinJhih Civic Center 73001 No. 36 MinJhih Road, Sinying District, Tainan City
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